Participate in our research

We are looking for volunteers to take part in experiments involving:

  • moving in virtual reality
  • interacting with robot interfaces
  • and other movement tasks.

All the experiments are non-invasive and have been approved by the Columbia IRB.


To take part you must 

  • be right-handed
  • be aged 18-60
  • have normal vision or wear glasses that make your vision normal
  • have no neurological or other problems that affect your control of movement
  • have very good command of English

Most experiments last between 1-2 hours and you will be paid $17 per hour loaded on a charge card for taking part.

Sign up here!

Directions to the Lab

All experiments take place on the 4th floor, Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University, 3227 Broadway, NY 10027

Security will have your name and you should come to the 4th floor and wait on the red couch (see map below)

If you have any problems finding us or getting in the building please call us on 212-853-1894.


Funds will be loaded on to a charge card  issued by Bank of America. You will be given the card after the experiments and it take 3 working days for the funds to be loaded. The card can then be used to purchase items in stores. It can also be used to purchase items online once you have registered the card with the bank. To register the card with the bank, you will need to go to the Bank of America website and provide your personal information (e.g., name, address). The card cannot be used to draw cash from an ATM.

fourth floor MBBI